How To: Use Shipyard World

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The Shipyard

This shipyard is the creative side of IronSeas.

Shipyard is World is where we have plots designated for the various types of vehicle we use on WarWorld. The WarWorld is our place where we play and blow each other up.

In this Article, we will go over highlights of how to use this area so you can most out of your creations.

Additional Commands for the Shipyard may be accessed typing in game /shipyard help

Getting Started

  • Getting There 
    Type in the command /warp shipyard. Once there will find yourself in a center of the shipyard world, surrounded with signs and buildings. Look around!
  • Read Darn Signs! 
    There a lot signage here, they are there on purpose! To help new players get started.
  • Opening a Plot 
    As new player after denoobing, you will be given access to this shipyard and the ability to claim plots. Plots are structured areas in the shipyard where your permitted to use limited creative powers to build what you want.
  • Underground Bunker 
    Below the Shipyard, at the center there is open doors to below. This is display area where you will learn how things are built and use them as reference on how stuff needs to be setup. Also found here are Forbidden & Illegal Blocks, which don't work on vehicles, so you will know what to avoid. Instructional signs on how weights of blocks are shown here as well.
  • Give me a plot! 
    To open a plot you type the command, /shipyard open (type plot). See plots we have you currently can access, you type /shipyard. To see your current list plots you have, you type /Shipyard List

Types of Plots

We have three main plots which people can build their stuff.

  • Ship Plots 
    Ship plots are most commonly build plots. Ships, Submarines are typically built in these plots, but a Carrier type Ship can be made to launch other vehicle such as Aircraft, Tanks, even Zeppelins and Helicopters. There are currently six sizes a player may access them. However, these plots will not be unlocked until the players rank up. These plots are are Ship1, Ship2, Ship3, Ship4, Ship5, and large faction ship plot, ShipX.
  • Tank Plots 
    There are two types of plots used to make minecraft ground vehicles typically known as Tanks. There a Tank1 and Tank2 plots. Currently Tank2 is not in current use.
  • Faction Plots 
    Certain plots are designated as special use only by Factions. These Factions can only used them should they have 15 members or more. These plots are ShipX, Hangar3.

Plot Commands

Shipyard plots have are array of things you can do with them.

Construction Rules

  • Restricted And Illegal Blocks 
    This is a list of Minecraft Blocks that simply will not work with vehicles used on Navycraft Servers. There are two categories of these blocks, some can't be used with some vehicle, but works on others. Some simply will not work at all and could cause glitching. Refer to the Restricted & Forbidden Blocks article for more details.
  • Restricted Blocks - These are blocks that a forbidden on certain vehicles due to rules and maintaining game balance. Such as Iron or Gold can't be on flying minecraft vehicles like Aircraft or Helicopters
  • Illegal Blocks - These are minecraft blocks which simply not work at all on any vehicle due to incompatibility with way vehicles move. Thus could result in vehicle turning into building or worse.

  • No Blocky/Rectangle Shaped Vehicles 
    This would be under shaping, we ask if your building vehicle that it should resemble something than a simple box or long rectangle.
  • No Torpedo Walls Vehicles 
    This when a vehicle usually flying or ship is made into spam of torpedoes or missiles. This is restricted due to causing game balance issues and no one has fun.